Ayudando a quienes lo necesitan




Thank you very much for your support for guiding me for giving me the strength to fight and move forward … you are a blessing

25 de mayo del 2013 (P.V.)

“Since you’ve gone to the doctors, you’ve become a doctor, asuuu, the doctor is going to talk,” my husband tells me. “It’s that doctors give me strength, as I would like my mother to be …” “Do not give your daughters a bad example, you want to be separated or suffer, you do not want to change, you just want to fight with that violence? you have your story and I have mine, you do not have to be like that … you have to be a good father and mother for our daughters … “

23 de agosto del 2013 (X.X.)

Dr., since I came to Qallariy, I’ve talked to my husband, remember he used to drink a lot? Even that he did not have time for us? In the early morning I thought, he would say to me: What do you have? I would tell him what I felt, that as a wife I felt lonely … He would tell me: let me try it little by little. Today, Dra, we go out with our children and have time for us.

21 de agosto del 2013 (M.M.)