Ayudando a quienes lo necesitan




  • Psychological attention in the mitigation of violence.
    • We have managed to treat more than 1700 cases in the last 6 years. Women, men, and children come continuously and recommend to their friends and families to assist Qallariy. We have had around 10,000 contacts in the last 6 years.
  • We expanded our psychological support space.
    • We were able to expand our patio, thanks to the USEA ARTIST NIGHT support from the American Embassy. We have a free space, with games and tables that are ideally suited to our needs.
  • We expanded our service coverage to benefit the neighboring communities of Cajamarquilla and Huaca Cajamarquilla.
    • In these six years of work, we have spread our project to Cajamarquilla, Haras del Huayco, San Francisco, Ate Vitarte, and surrounding areas. Our users recommend us and we welcome them.
  • We expanded our network of agreements with companies, institutions and universities in the area, in order to cover a greater field of action at the level of social responsibility.
    • We have it, although we need to further spread our network of agreements.
  • We promoted visits to and workshops in nearby towns and human settlements of Lima ESTE.
    • We respond to proposals to visit nearby human settlements. We give talks within our organization as well as visit Institutions.


  • Develop a LEAGUE AGAINST violence & family / sexual / psychological abuse focused on three areas: the prevention of abuse, its reduction, and the reduction of its effects.
    • Our greatest effort. We have had a total of 1700 cases in the last 6 years, 69.9% of which include gender violence. Our emphasis is on reducing intra-family violence, giving children spaces of expression, working on intra-familial relationships, giving support to the victim and to the victimizer. All in a framework of respect.
  • Strengthen and enrich the population through workshops:
    • Tree of life, aimed at working on and strengthening community responses to trauma.
    • “Letters from women and children, replicating the experience of the COMVO Woman project disseminated by the German company GIZ. Women write letters and create drawings of their own life experiences, segregation, discrimination, and devaluation. They talk about their physical and psychological ailments, their failed projects, and their future without hope.
    • Emotional integration workshops for boys and girls. The little ones have no contact except in the school environment. This isolation and lack of stimulation leads to later difficulties that unleash an overwhelmed and violent adolescence. They attend workshops of creativity and artistic expression monitored by psychologists and voluntary psychologists of Qallariy.
    • How to become responsible adults, directed at We work with psychological counseling in terms of body care, sexual orientation, and healthy co-existence among peers. We give talks every three months addressing the interests of this group.
    • “JUNTAS valemos más” aimed at strengthening single mothers. We seek non-victimization, we work towards healthy families in the context of their singleness and functionality. They are encouraged to have an economic/social/emotional project that focuses their expectations and can lead to a family project. Solidarity is generated amongst them.
  • Formalize a women’s containment axis given by women.
    • “MUJERES SOS”, ambassadors against gender violence, are trained bi-weekly to have a network that counters violence. They have legal and psychological information and tools for the detection of cases.
  • Disseminate the need to find sponsors to solve educational projects for women
    • In these 6 years we have sought support from collaborators for the undertakings to which women commit. We have many success stories, and women who have changed their personal focus and related projects attest to this. We maintain contact and emotional support parallel to the impulse provided to them by donors. (If you can sponsor a woman or a boy, please contact us). This initiative is available for 100 soles per month for 4 months, 6 months, or 9 months. These opportunities are available in a nearby NGO with its project called “La Rosa Blanc” – these are short-term classes of: cutting and confection, computers, childrens’ assistants, and classroom teachers etc).
  • Disseminate “life stories” told by women and men through pseudonyms.
    • Stories to tell and not to be repeated. We are filming small 1-minute videos that tell powerful stories that appear on our fan page in Qallariy Nievería Huachipa’s FACEBOOK.