Ayudando a quienes lo necesitan




We are a group of professionals who have maintained continuous contact with the community of Nieveria – Huachipa for ten years, conducting talks, workshops, evaluations, design and implementation of projects, encouraging the population, supervising cases, giving psychological guidance. Ten years ago we formed a group of young people called STING who have been active ever since. We have seen many boys grow up, today they have become mothers and fathers, and also healthy leaders.


We are a non-profit civil association – formed by psychologists of a high level of commitment, loyalty, and vocation of service – dedicated to working integrally with the people who come to our center, to accompany them in their grieving processes, rejection of violence, development and strengthening processes; as well as to help them to look at their transitory difficulties.


  • Rosabel Maza – General Director and Founder
    Psychologist and psychotherapist of psychoanalytic orientation, with a Master’s Degree in Psychoanalysis PUCP; Master’s studies in philosophy with mention in Ethics and Politics UARM; Mysticism and Humanism UARM, and Diploma of Social Responsibility URP.
    She specializes in psychoanalytic therapy with adults, adolescents, and children. She incorporates philosophy in her interventions. Expert in clinical psychopedagogy, and gender violence. Speaker at Congresses, NGO consultant, as well as University Professor.
  • Patricia Wiegering – Project Director – Women
    Clinical Psychologist of Humanistic training and Rational Emotive Therapy. She specializes in Families and Couples. Graduated from the UPCH. She works at the Javier Prado Clinic.
  • Coordinator of New Masculinities: Karely Sorroza – UPC
  • Amadrinazgos and Fellows Coordinator: Mayra Guzmán – UPC
  • Coordinator with Health and Violence Networks: Mayra Guzmán – UPC
  • Workshop Coordinator “Mujeres SOS”: Neuza Mendez – UPC
  • Coordinator of Spiritual and Artistic Workshops: Lara Sacio – UDEP
  • Coordinator with Educational and Institutional Networks: Franco Bustamante UPC
  • Emotional Workshops Coordinator: Franco Gonzales -UPC
  • Immigration Coordinator: Diana Almendrades – UPC
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Alejandra Gamarra – UPC
  • Coordinator with business networks and artists: Mara Sifuentes – PUCP


We are a group of committed and experienced professionals, that, through quality practice and values, seek the promotion of mental health through the empowerment of our users.


To be a leading institution in emotional strengthening and integral development,; recognized at a national level and international level; working in extreme poverty environments; through empowerment and communal leadership; being professionals with commitment, human quality, and values.


  • Promote the mental health of the population, providing a warm therapeutic space accessible, and of quality.
  • Promote the strengthening of affective bonds and healthy affective relationships, free of violence and discrimination. Generate spaces of exchange and listening for the expression of affections.
  • Promote affective, educational, and socio-economic empowerment in our users.
  • Prevent physical, verbal, and sexual violence by informing and educating our users.
  • Generate community leadership using as a means the promotion of mental health, socio-economic empowerment, and community therapeutic supervision and consultation.


  • Emotional Empowerment
  • Socio-Economic Empowerment


  • We understand that the stories we hear not only reflect a personal problem but also the effects of broader social problems. Therefore the psychological strengthening must go hand-in-hand with a view towards the economic, social and cultural needs of an Andean migrant population.
  • We assume that the communities have a wealth of knowledge and skills that will be useful to overcome the difficulties they face, and that it is possible to generate spaces where this subjugated knowledge and these skills can be identified, heard, and honored.
  • We believe that no person is a passive recipient of violence, injustice, or pain: people always respond. The same happens with communities – they respond to the difficulties they face; our job is to identify the values ​​behind those answers and expand them.
  • We believe that listening is never a neutral act, our listening is respectful and mutual, we listen to the problem, uncovering the answers and resources needed to surpass them.

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